How to Correctly Care for Violets in the Apartment

Violets Are Quite Beautiful and Extremely Popular Among Indoor Plants. But Many of Those Who Tried to Grow Violets at Home Complain ABOUT THE MOODINESS OF THE PLANTS.

The fact is that Violets Require Special Care, and Failure to Comply with the Conditions of Care for Them Will Entail a Disease or Death of a Violet. In Order for Your Window Sills to Be Replaced by An Abundance of Beautiful Colors, You Need to Know EVERYTHING and EVEN MORE ABOUT Thows Beautiful PLANTS.

Violets Need Adaptation.

When You only Bring the Plant to the House, Be Prepared for the Fact that He Will Neeed an Adaptation Period. The Violet Will NEED to GET USED to New Humidity, Temperature, Lighting and Water, Which it Will Be Watered. TheFore, Do Not Immedly Try to Transplant the Plant. Give Him The Opportunity to Recover Within a Month and Get Used to the New Place of Residence. By the Way, Plants up to Six Months Old Isier and Easier to Experience Crossing and Adaptation.

Which Window Sill To Put?

When The Plant is alread with you, then it is Worth Choining the Right Window Sill for it. The Violet is Very Photophilous, But it Can Suffer From Direct Sunlight. TheFore, it is Worth Putting a Poth a Violet on the Windowsill, Which is located in the North Part of the Apartment. Thus, The Violet Will Receive Only the Rays of the Setting Sun, Which Will Not Hurt the Plant in Anya Way.

Violets on the Windowsill

If there is no to put the flower on the northern Window, BecAuse Your Windows Overlook Only to the South, The You Will Have to Close Window in the Daytime. For this, Horizontal Blinds or Dense Tulle Are Suitable for this. SOME HOUSEWIVES who do not Want to Close the WHOLE WINDOW from the Light Close Only The Lower Part of the Window with A Dense Parchment. Another Option to Protect Flowers from Sunburn is to Put Pots on the Table or Shelf by Window Will Be Light and Comfortable.

In Order for the Plant’s Outlet to be Symmetrical, and the Infloaresences Grow Smoothly and Neatly, Its Necessary to Rotate the Axis Severn Times A WEEK 90 Degrees. All the LEAVES of the Violet Stretch to the Light and, If You Do Not Rotate the Plant, The IT Will Deveelop Only in One (Sunny Side) and Flower Will NothetCally P Leasing.

Labels for Violets.

IF YOU Plan to Grow Quite Ly Decoate the Interior and Become a Convenent Place for Violets. In this case, to the Ensure The Required Light, Artificial Lighting Will Be Required. Luminescent Lamps Are Perfect for this Purpose. One Such Lamp 120 Centers Long Is Enough to Light a Shelf for A Violet Size of 120 by 25 Centimeters. As for the Height of Lamp PLACement, IT Depends on the Age of Illuminated Violets and the Desired Plant Outlet. For a Plant with LARGE SOCKETS, The Distance Between The Lower Surface of the Lamp and the Upper Surface of the Poth a Fleer Should BET 30-35 CENTIMETERS. For Children of Violets and Adult Violets with Small Sockets, The Same Distance Should BE ABOUT 20-25 Centimeters.

Label for Violets

Labels for Violets

Violets on Racks

Violets on the rack

Label Drawing for Violets

If the Light is not enunch for violets, the leaflets of the endi socket Will Stretch Up, Which is who the outlet iteSelf Will Be Ugly. IF the IS an Excessive Amount of Light for the Plant, the Leaflets Will Begin to Bend Very Much Down and Can Even Bend Under the. TheFore, it is Necessary to Create the Most Optimal Conditions.

What Well -Gromed, Healthy and Beautiful Can the Be Violets on the Rack Can Be Seen On the Video: