What is the difference between park sun loungers and sun loungers?

A park lounger designed using artificial intelligence, the world’s most expensive lounger, sold for almost £2.5 million, the iconic Chaise Longue LC4 lounger designed by Le Corbusier and called a “leisure machine”, an eco-friendly lounger from a Russian manufacturer – outdoor furniture for recreation can be very diverse.

In our article we will talk about how park loungers and sun loungers appeared, what is their main difference and how original the design of modern models can be.

Sun loungers and chaise lounges are not synonyms, but different, albeit similar, pieces of furniture. The word “chaise lounge” has French roots – literally translated, “chaise lounge” means “long chair.” Accordingly, people can relax sitting or reclining in sun loungers, while on sun loungers you can fully lie down, including while sunbathing.

Prototypes of loungers appeared in Ancient Egypt and consisted of beds with a headboard decorated with precious stones, drawings or ivory. These beds were usually made from palm branches. Such furniture was used mainly for relaxation, but in Ancient Greece and Rome they reclined on it during meals or at celebrations.