What You Need to Know About the Child’s Campaign in Kindergarten

The Responsight Period Has Come for You and Your Baby – Going to KinderGarten. Mommies in a Panic: How Their Charming Creature Can Join the Team? Whiteher it is frightndened? Will They Offend Him There? How to Feed and Relate?

Gather The Will in A Fist, Visit a Kindergarten with Your Child, Get Acquainted with Educators, Children and the Group Itself. Make The Necessary Purchasses with the Baby. Make Purchasses with The Game and Do Not Forget to Emphasize the Importance of EVERYTHING REALATED to the Kindergarten. For Example, Sit Down with The Baby At the Computer, Go to . , Were The Best Children’s Orthodic Shoes are Sold and Choose a Pair with the Baby in Which He Will Go to the Kindergarten. Let the Child Participate in the Choice and Get Ussed to the Idea that He now Has Things for Home, For Walking and For Kindergarten.

Do Not Immediatly Leave Your Child Alone, He Must Be Calm and Sure that You are Nearby. And only after time you can try leave Him for An Hour, then Before Lunch, and the IS not Far From The Whole Day. Remember the Vaccinations, Their Presence Must.

At this Age, Namely, Until 7 Years Old, Children are Formed in the Main Way of Character. They Absorb Themselves Like a Sponge, All the Surrounding Information, and Here The Main Task of the Parents to Filter It, So Future You Baby Finds To Clearels IDE Ito Categories: Good and Bad, You Cannot.

Many Children Have Attacks Hysteria. Before You Start Nervous and Screaming, Try to find out the reason for this behavior. In Many Cases, The Child Expresses His Desire to Be Notaked and Heard.

Try to Take Its Place, Open The Problem from the Inside, Talk to the Child. IF YOU Cannot Solve this Problem Yourself and Find a Compromise with your Child, Consult an Experienced Specialist in the Field of Psychology.