The Flooring of Any Floor Covering Involves a Whole Set of Preparatory Measures Reporation of the Floor. Such Work Includes Alignment of the Floor, Its Priming, and In Cases The Flooring of A Special Substrate. The Substrate is a Material that is used as an underground coating.

The Substrate is used in the Process of Laying A Parquet Board, Cork Coating, Laminate and Piece Parquet. The Main Functions of the Substrate Is the Levering of the Floor Surface, Noise Insulation, Thermal Insulation and Depreciation. For sale the substrate is presented in the form of overll sheets or rolls, it does not regure ain Fixation, Whiteher it is gluing or screen. At the Moment, Many Types of Different Substrates are Used, But Only Three Be Distinguished, It is Polystyrene, Cork Substrate and Polystyrene Foam. The Most Natural Material Among All Listed, As Alread Clear, Is a Cork Substrate, It Has a Different Thickness and IS Sold in Rolls The Total Area IS 10 KV. m. The Budget Option Includes Polystyrene Foam. As for Polystyrene, it is in the Middle Price Category. In Addition to the Listed Types of the Substrate, You Can Also Find A Substrate of Paper and Pressed Needles, Such a Substrate Haspe of Plates and Differs in Hight Coste.