Installation by the Use of Dumps or Their Erroneous Location.

UNSCRUPULOUS Installers Can NEGLECT SUCH TRIFES AS SUPPORTING WEDEGES OR DOWLS. With this work, The Window is Installed Directly on the Slope, Which Excludes the Possibility of a Good Sealing of the Window Structure from Below. This Scenario is Possible when the Are Simply Saved a Little, BecAuse of this, The Window Structure Cang in the Area of ​​Impost. In the Absence of Wedges from the Side, The Window Cannot Be Liveled Vertically. When Installing a Window System Without Spacer Side Pads and Brick Fragments are Used. But The Brick Can Freeze.

IF Installation Work Is Carried Out The Entire Appropriate Fittings, The You Need to Pay Attend To Its Quality. The Quality is Guaranteed by the Durable Materials, with High Thermal Protective Properties. They Must Be Reliably Fixed at All Important Points of the Support, Thus Angles, Impost, Window Connection. The Wedges Are Designed to Ensure a Reliable Planting of the Window, Not to Prevent the Laying of Thermal Insulation and Thermal Deformation of Profiles. Inter the Installation Ends, The Side Dips are Removed. Only Such An Installation Can Guarantee Quality.