Autodoors unique sash are now available to easelone

Not so long ago, Autodoors Construction Company, Which Relatively Recently Appeared on the Domestic Market, Has Developed a Unique Mechanism for Automatic Doors. Additionally, An Aluminum Profile Was Creed, Which is Great for the Assemblies of the Wings Compatible with Any Manuapacturer of Automatic Doors. The Proposed Options have A Very Sophisticated and Elegangant Appe their. Moreover, Their Strength Is Much Greater than It Seems At First Glance. A Full Set of Profiles for An Opening 2x 5 Has a Weight of Only 10 KG. The Buyer Canus The Proposed Packs for Any Selected Glass Set. Autodoors Can Also BE Installed on this Product of 22 MM Double -Glazed Glass. IF Necessary, Triplex 8-10 Mm Is Frely Put. For its Customers, The Company Offers, In Addition to the Full Set of Wings, A Unique Muchanism. In Addition, IF Necessary, The Manaufacturer Will Add aal for Joints, The Lower Guides and Set of Self -Self -Tapping Screws with Dowels. The Aluminum Profile Proposed by the Company, Together with a Unique Doors Closure Mechanism, Is Very Popular Among Large Companies. This is Due to a Lower Price Compted to Such Offers of Foreign Manaufacturers.