How to Collect and Prepare Mushrooms: What to look for

Mushrooms are Consedered Primordially Russian Ingredient for Completly Diverse Dishes. Adding Mushrooms to the First Or Second Dishes Enriches The Taste Dishes and Gives them A Unique and Incomparable Aroma.

And how nice a warm autumn morning to walk in the forst for mushrooms! After all, They Grow Almost Throughhout the Country. And How Many Varieties of Mushrooms are Mushrooms – Mushrooms, Oils, Boletus, Chiros, Grogs, Lines and Many Other Types. Now Mushrooms are Grown Even On Special Farms. But no Mushroom Grown on the Farm Can Be Compared with the Taste of Forest Mushrooms, Soked in Moisture and SunLight. But IF YOU HAVENERE to go for mushrooms, it is to buy Forest Mushrooms in Safe Places (For Example, In Special Stores Or from From Friends). As you know, mushrooms Absorb Radiation and Variety of Not the Most USFUL Substances, SO it is ImPortant Exactly Weres WereshRoors Weres COOK.

The Variety of Types of Mushrooms Reflected in Cooking. It iss to this variety of mushroom dishes that has long been loved and their recipes in traditis russian cuisine are a large number. They Are Pickled, Salted, Added to Other Vegetables, Used as a Filling for Pies and Pies, Fried, Boiled Souls From Them, and Salads Are Made with Them.

Mushrooms are used to prepare many lean dishes. They Can Be Added to Casseroles, For Example, a Beautiful Dish in Haste – Potato Casserole with Mushroom. For its Preparation, You Just Need to Put Potates, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms and Potates in a Bucking Dish for Baking. PUT MAYONNAise and Cheese on Top, and the Send it to the Oven For An Hour, At 200 Degrees. For Those Who Follow The Post, Inst, Mayonnaise You Cane Vegetable Oil and At the Same Time Do Without Chees.

No Less and Recipes of Pickled Mushrooms. Mistresses are Soldered for the Winter and Pickled Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, and Oils and Many Other Favorite Mushrooms. Pickled and Salty Mushrooms – An Indispensable Snack Ony Table, Hhether it Be a Festive or Evedey.