Basic Rules for Selecting Curtains for Any Room

We are all used to Seeing on OUR Windows A Classic Type of Curtain, Which Consists of Saveral Paintings. The first istally Called Tulle Tightly, and the Second Is Curtains.

A transparent curtain, as a rule, is Hung First and Serves to Close Windows from Prying Eyes. The Curtain Is Hung, and She is shifted During the Day ONE SIDE ORA To DIFFERE. At Night, They Are Curtailed to Create a Twilight. IF YOU Firmly Decide to Buy Curtains at an Excellent Price, Go to the Grange Online Store. . . Here You Will Find a Wide Selection of Curtains.

Basic Rules

Such Rules Include:

You Need to Remember When Buying Curtains that If there Transverse Stripes on the Fabrics, Th, Apparently, Can Make the Room Wider. If the Stripes are Vertical, then in this case the ceilings Will Seem Even Higher.

We look Further. SOT Your Curtains are Beautiful and Practical, the They Shoup Only Be Light Shades.

To Create A Good Mood, Curtains with Bright Colors are Suitable, and For Warmfort You Can Yellow Orpin Shades.

You canen a few word. To Create Coolness in the Room, it is to to Choose Gray and Blue Colors.

You can Alsoy Say A Few Words ABOUT LAMBREQUIN. He can always Give Any Window a Noble View. BUT HERE YOU ALSO NEED to Think, BecAuse if the Ceiling in You Room Are Low and You Will Lead a Lambrequin, then in this Case the Cealings Will Seem Much Lower. IS Best To Completly Abandon The Lambrequin Geere and Hang The Usual Direct Nylon.

How to Choose a Fabric

Let’s Say A Few Words ABOUT HOW to Choose A Fabric. There are Several Options Gere:

IF YOUNED To Protect Yourself from Excessive Light of Sunlight, The Purchase Products that Ar Made of DENSE MATERIAL;

IF You Want to Wash The Curtains Once a Week, The in this Case You Need Material with A Sufficently High Strength.

It is safe to say that today Silk Curtains Are Very Popular. They Look Good Due to the Fact that You Collect Curtains in Folds and This Gives the Windows Extraordinary Airines. But there Are Problems Gere. Cotton Offen Begins to Burn Out from SunLight, SO it is shuld be promoted. The Best Option May Be Taffeta Curtains. They Havy High Strength and Look Good, Moreover, it is Very Easy to Wash Them.

Well, of Course, One Cannot But Say About Linen. It is Usoally Used with Soome Additives and Today is Very Popular. Most Offen You Can Meet Flax with Lavsan. Products are USALLY CURTAINS For The Kitchen. Lavsan Makes Flax Light and Brilliant. All Color Catalogs of Curtains Can Be Found on Internet Resources.