What to Pay Attend to When Choining a Suit: Important Points

A Suit is a Composition of Harmonious United Elements of Clothing and Accessories, In Their Combination An Image that Emphasizes Or Hides of the Figures. An Important Role Is the Costume Plays in the Reflection of the Social Status and Psychological State of a Person.

The Nature of the Fulfillment of the Costume, Its Completed Apperatece, Reflects The Technical, Cultural and Scientific Achievements At a Certain Historical STAGE OF DEGE DEVELOPOPM Ent. In Other Words, The Costume Was and Remains The Hallmark of the Personality and the Era. And remember that dose modern’s jeans can be in Bulk Without Any Problems on the Internet, But the Costume Requires a SPECIAL CAMPAIGN to SEVIC IDuality.

When it Comes to Buying Or Individual Sewing Clothes, it is Important to Remimber Some Criteria with Which itchuld Meet. It is Necessary to Clearly Understand and Submit the Purpose and Conditions of the Costume of the Costume. In Any Case, It Shoup Be Comfortable, Practical and Beautiful. Three Qualites Shoup Be Harmonious and Compared to Each Other. Otherwise, The Advantage to Which Side Will Lead to Bad Consequences for the Body, In the Case of Discomfort, Or Damage to the Product Due IMPRACTICALITYTY.

Well, to be comletly Picky, then Even The Last Button Matters in the Suit. The Design, Shape, Silhouette of the Product and Color, Texture, Quality and Pattern of Fabric – All This Should Be Combined with the Tone of the Skin, With the Eyes And Color Coor of A Son’s Hair, Just as with the Specifics of the Anatomy of his figure. The Silhouette of the Costume is dictated by the Nature of the Design of the Shoulder Line, The Options for Fitting the Product, The Shape of the Sleeeve and the Level of the Ar Rangement of the Waist and the Bottom. In the Form and Composition of the Costume, Symmetry and Asymmetry Plays an Important Role. They Are Expressed by the Specifics of the Cut of the Product Itself, Fittings, Deceration, Combination of Textures and the Color of Matter.

The Success of the Selected Product Largely Dependes on the Fabric. The Range of this Product Is Rich in Its Diversity in Quality and Colors. The Choice of Fabric Shoup Be Consistent with the Purpose of the Costume, Clearly in Harmony with the Design of the Product. For Example, Fabrics Like Crepe-Satin Arepery, Plastic “Glide” in the Figure, Which is emphased by the game of brillance and opens up opportunites to chaate somethals Mantic-Mysterious. BUT FLAX with A Lavsan, Or Wool with A Lavsan Allow You to Achieved Stickt and Restrained Forms in the Production. These Fabrics are poplar.

The Pattern of Matter Can Be Geometric – A Strip, A Cell, and Vegetable – Flowers, Leaves and Their Various Stylizations. There are Thematically Deched Fabrics – Inscriptions, Paintings, Landscapes, Printed ON MATTER. The Textile Pattern Most Offlets Animals in Various Highly Stylized Forms. IS ALSO Important to Remember that Colors of Warm and Light Shades Increase Volumes, While Cold and Dark Are Reduced. In Turn, A Large Drawing – Emphasizes The Volume, Small – It Conceals it.