Installation of Parts from Chipboard: Adhesive Deaf Compound

The Installation of Parts Made of Chipboard in Most Cases is a Deaf Assembly of the Structure, Which at the Work Will Not Allow To Disssemble Furnita Furniture From This Mater Ial. The Reason is that Chipboard Crumbles Quite Hard. At the Time of Assembly of Furniture, Self -Tapping Screws are Wraphed from this Material to a Slicht Cryst, Pushing the Fastener Elementa Further THE IS REACHIED, DUE TE o Which The Strength Increases, But, In this Case, With Repeated Disassmbly Or Assembly, The Former Strength Cannot Be Obtained Anymore.

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Installation of Chipboard Elements a Glue Dull Method of Fasteners Is Quite Easy to Perform:

In the end part of the part, a hole is made, Which in Size Will Behold Third of the Thickness of the End Part.

Chopiki Should Prepare Along the Length of the Depth of the Holes in the Connected Elements, They Are Lubricated with Adhesive Composition and Tightly Sit OFE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE iOUSLY EXECUTED HOLES. The More Chopic Will Be, The Stronger The Design Will Be, The Most Optimal Option Is 2-3 Choopica from the Edges of the Eleement.

In the Second Element of the Structure, Holes Shoup Be Outline, Thers Can Be Made Through Or Deaf, While the Deaf Should Behold Thickness of the Chipboard D.

Pour the Glue in the Hole and Combine The Parts Into One Whole, The You Shoup Fix The Knot and Give the Load.