The Structure of Cement Stone.

For Example, Such Structures Have Concrete with An Advent of 15% of Furil Alcohol (In Clipping Water) and 3% of Polymerization Intensifier (Saline Anilin) ​​and Concrete with The Addit Ion of 5% Sks Latex-

The Structure of Cement Stone Obtained by the Introduction of a Relatively Large (~ 30-50%) Amount of the Amount of Active Micron-Filler, Which Forms aw Phase Its Surf Ace Due to Chemosorption Processes; For Example, The Introduction of a Quartz Micron -filler, Which in the Process of Hardening of the Surface of the Grains of Quartz of the Hydraulic Sodilcates Alcium.

With such a structure, the limit is necessary: ​​​​the rapprochement of the astringent and micron -filler, which can only be obtained in highly concentrated suspensions with optimal vibrational influences with mechanical or vibrational. Such Structures Are Characterized by a Change in the Solid Phase. The Geometry of the Powder Space Change Significantly Due to An Increase in the Volume of Larger Capitallaries. Those Structures Are Obtained with the Introduction of 48% of the Quartz Micron -filler with A SPECIC SURFACE OF 4000 CM2/G Into Portland Cement.

In order to stopy the influence of the external environment on the cement: Stone and Concrete, We Determined the Deformations of Creep Under the Influence of Constant Tension Tretching During the Bend of Samples Immersed in Covettes with An Aggressive Environment.