Brash Crumbing Technology

The Surface Is Covered with Soil, The Type of Which is Determined by the Moisture Content of the Wall Panels. Acrylic Primer with a Deep Penetration Effect is Applied to the Porous Walls. The Primer of this Type Glue Particles that are Alread Kept Well Enure, It Prevents The Exfoliation of Finish Coatings.

And Also Reduces Surface Absorption. In Order for the Adhesion of the Decoating Coating with the Base to be Optimal, Its Necessary that Solvent (Water) In ITS Composition Moves Into EXTERNAL ENVIRONENMENT. And if the Layer of the Substrate is well Absorbed by Moisture, Solvent, That is, Water, Will Move from the Surface to the Wall Along the Capitallaries, This Will Lead to Prematye Exfoli Ation of the Material.

SINCE Marble Crumbs are colred, IT is recommoded to Apply the Same Color as the Crumba, Otherwise Spots are not Excluded.

The Baby is laid with a spatula. The Material Is Scooped Up on the Spatula, Inter Which The Spatula with Force IS Pressed to the Surface. The Spatula Must Bend, and the Baby Shoup Be Smeared with as Thin Layer as Possible. Ideal Application – One Fration of the Material. It is important to Apply the Coating from the Corner to the Corner for One Reception, Otherwise the Joints Will Be Visible. AFTER Applying the Material and Pauses of 15 Minutes, The Surface is Smooth A Steel Grater.