Building the Foundation in Winter

To date, Winter Cold sores Not Affect Construction in Any Way. EVEN NORTHERN COUNTRIES SUCH AS Norway, Sweden, Finland Arecting New Buildings All Yearo Round. In Developed States, it is not Profitable to Stop Construction in Winter, Since is a need for New Housing, Hotels, Entertainment Centers, and this IS Explaind By THE IntLUX OFLUX Ourists. But the Inhabitants of Oour Country Arriffied to look at the Winter Construction. Althrow You Can Build in the Cold, But Not All Work Is Allowed and the Volumes Are Very Reduced.

Professional Builders Know That Work Regarding The Foundation Cance of Be Carried at Certain Temperatures, But Lower Thive Degrees of Frost. If the Temperature Indicators are Lower, You have to Carry Out Certain Methods that Will Harden The Concrete According to the Norma.

There are Several Methods that is used for low Temperature Indicators. The Easiest is the Heating Method. In this case, The Concrete Solution is Heated Due to Special Impurities. Water Is Offen Ussed Very Offten.

In Addition, In Order for the Concrete Solution to Harden Faster, You Can Ullctrode Heating Or Infrand Sources. The First Version Uses Heat, Which Releases An Electric Current Passing Through Concrete. In the Second Case, Concrete Warms up Due to Heat Emanating from Quartz Rod or Ceramic Tubular Emitters.

Thus, We Can Conclude that Construction Work Can Be Carried out at Any Time of the Year Without Any Damage.