Painting the Facade in Multi -storey Buildings

Many Multi -storey Buildings are Painted in Different Colors to Give Them A Proper look. However, Over Time, The Paint Has the Ability to Dull and Washed Under the Influence of External Factors, Including the Wind, Rain and Other Phenomena. Therefore, from time to time at home, you have to tint. How to do it?

The First Floors Can BE Painted When Using Special Equipment, In Which There is a Lifting Mechanism with A Small Fenced Area For Lifting People. But What ABOUT THE UPPER FLOORS? On the Roofs of Many Houses thermal Special Supporting Pillars to Which a Lifting Mechanism Is Attached Using A Winch. A Small Balcony with A Capacy of Up to Two People is Attached to Them and Rates or Descents with A Winch. In Case of a Break in the Cable of the Lifting Mechanism, A Safety Rope Is Provided for Each Person. This Makes The Process of Work Safer.

The Insurance Fasteners are Carried out a carbine so that rope can beely Arund Its Axis and not Interfere with the Working Process. Only Qualified Employees Who Have The Necessary Qualifications Are Allowed for this Type of Work.