Features of Rest in Montenegro: What to See in the Country

This Small Country is Very Popular for Those Who Love Clean and Inexpensive Rest. She is somewhat similar to the crimea. There are Still Few Hotels in the Country and I Like It to Those Who Like to Relax Alone with Nature.

Here you can relax with your family and not spend a lot of money at the same time. Places of Silence and Peace, The Price Are Democratic. There are special Places for nudists with beaches and complexes Equipped Precisly for them.

How to get

There are Several Good Airports in Montenegro: In Tivat and Podgorian. It can be noted the Airports are not Large, so there are no special services. There is an atm, a Small Hall with Cosmetics, Alcohol Is Also For Sale. Tivat and Pogaritsy are well interconnected by Transport Highways. If we talk ABOUTA A VISA, then for CITIZENS from Russia It is not needed. In Addition, Leading Tour Operators in Montenegro, Which You Can See AT, Offer Excellent Package to this Country.


Any Currency Is Frely Imported into Montenegro, But Only in Small Quentites.

If the amount is tooo Large, then it is usoally declahed.

At Customs, All Procedures are Simplified.

You can import cigarettes (10 Packs) and 50 Cigars There.

There is an Opportunity to Import Strong Drinks.

Any Export of Historical Values ​​Is Prohibited.

Montenegro is a chain of mountains, So the Best Transport for Moving Here Is Cars or Buses. If desired, you can go arund. There is also a rangway line.

Car Rent

Many of the Tourists Want to Travel Around This Country by Car. TheFore, It is Likely to Take The Car for Rent. To this, you need to be 21 years old, Driver’s License and Driving Experience for More than Two Years. In this case, you will have to leave money as a bail (100-300 EUR). The PEOPLE IN MONTENEGRO Are Kind and Polite.

It is unlikely that one Will Meet a Frantical Rushing Car There, from the Speakers of Which Music Roars. The Necessary Speeds of Movement Are Set on City Roads. Most of Montenegro Roads Are in the Mountains, So Overtaking Another Car, You Need to Be Very Careful.

Fining the Article CanD Said ABOUTS ABOUT THE CLIMATE in THIS Country. It is moderately concente here, but not evenWher, there Corners of the Country Where the Climate Is Much Different. The Climate, First of All, Is Affeded by the Cold Air that Comes with the Alp. If we talk ABOUT THE CENTRAL ARAS, THEN Its Always A Little Cool Here. In the Primorsky Region, Summer Is Warm and Dry, Which Allows You to Relax with Comfort. In this country, you can always spend Your Vacation Well.