How Properly Care for Nails At Home

The Most Common Type of Manicure Avalable for Independent Execution is a Classic, Or Overwhelming. At the first stage, the nails are sawn, on the skin arund the nail – The Cuticle, the Mitigating IS Appled. AFTER STEAMING THE HANDS, IS PUSHED AWAY with A SPECIAL SPATULA, The Removed with Scissors Or Special ForCeps. At the Last Stage, The Nail is Polished and Covered with Varnish. A strengthening is applied to the skin around the nail. Classic Manicure Ends with Massage. Knowing Soome Rules Will Help To Make * Care for The Nails At Home * High -quality and Effective.

Performing Manicure

The Old Varnish is removed with Varnish Removal. New Funds Do Not Contain Acetone, IT Was Replaced by More Gentle Ethyl Acetate. Hand Bath Is Taken for Five Minutes. The Filler is Sea Salt, Strengthening Nails, and Soap Solution. A Tablespoon of Salt is Required on a Glass of Warm Water. IF there Scratches or Cracks on the Skin of the Hands, Sea Salt Is Replaced with A Solution of Pharmacy Chamomile Or Oak Bark. Hands after the Bath Are Wiped Dry with A Soft Towel. To Cut The Cuticle, Special Scissors Are Required – Straight or Rounded, Or Nippers. Nail Care Requires The Use of a Quality Tool That Affects The Condition of the Nails. TheFore, it is to Choose Manicure Tools of Wells -known Manaufacturers, The Steel Used Has the Ability to Self -nsure.

Features of manicure

The Cutter Cut Shoup Be Even, But Not Deep, So As Not to Injure Living Cells Protecting the Nail Metric. A special remedy for softening is applied to the Processed Cuticle, Rubbing Its Circular Movement and Gently Pushing the Skin Around the. The Perfect Duration of the Procedure Is At Least Three Minutes for Each Finger. This is enunch for the blood flow to ensure the penetration of useful Ingredients into the blood. The Cuticle as a Result Will Become Softer, Its Growth Will Slow Down. In Addition, The Oil Will Protect the Nails, Acting as a Remote Cuticle. The Most Effective Tools Are the Composition of Which Includes Proteins, Vitamins C, E, F, Avocado Oil, Tea Tree, Sweet Almond, Lemon. High Result is Achieved If You Apply the Product Several Times a Week Before Bedtime. Today, Manaufacturers of Cosmetic Drugs have Developed Products, The Daily Use of Which Stops The Growth of the Cuticle Finally. At the end of the manicure, it is Necessary to Make A Light Self -Massage of the Hands, After Lubricating Them with A Nutrient Cream.