Varieties of Landscaping in the Country: Which Option to Choose

Dacha is the place there the COME FOR RELAXATION FROM The Bustle of A Big City. TheFore, The Owner of the Cottage Has a Natural Desire to Decoate and Landscaping The Summer Cottage for Him To Please The Eye, During Rest.

BUT Before Starting the Landscaping of A Summer Cottage, IT SHOULD Be DETERMINED by its capabilites, to Determine the Type of soil and Climatic Conditions. SINCE SOME PLANTS REQURE SPECIAL CARE AND A CERTAIN TYPE of Soil. NEXT, The Territory ShOULD Be Divved into 3 Zones:

External Zone – For Landscaping the Outer Part of the Site, Offten Use A Living Fens. IT Can Be Put Througound. Such A Hedge Looks Very Beautiful and Is a Beautiful and Original Replaceement, Bored with All Fences. A Hedge Is Placed in Two Rows.

1) Single -row Landscaping – Mainly Use High Decoating or Fruit Trees, Such AS Plum, Apple Tree, Pine Trees, Juniper ..

2) Double -row Landscaping – Not only Trees Are Planted, But Also SHRUBS. Basically Use Beautifully Flowering Shrubs that Radiate a Wonderful Aroma, Suchch as Lilac, Currants, Pink Shrub.

Inner Zone – There Are No Restrictions Here, IT All Depends Only on Your Preferences and Fantasies. Of Course, The Presence of Flower Beds Is Mandator. To Create Them, You Can Use Almost Any Plants. Fuchsia, Fortunia, Pelargonium Are Very Popular. Many, whether Landscaping a Summer Cottage, Are not Dispensed with Curly Plants, Such AS Liana, Graph Vine, IVY. Wrapping Around the House, They Able to Hide Any Shortcomings of His External House.

Intermediate Zone – Landscaping of this Site is the Most Time -consuming. Particular Importance Is Given to the Lawn. Grass for Him isen by the Type of soil. If the soil is good and fertile fits the mezzanine. And if the soil is non -Chernozem, Such a Grass as White Clover Is Suitable. He is not Whimsical and Well withstands The Cold.