What is the Procedure of Colonoscope

There is no dobt that colonoscopy shoup ​​be carried out in the Case of Observation in the Studied Family Cancer of the Intestine. This diagnosis cannot be dispended with your changing the tumor and to identify a very minimum neoplasm.

Proctology is a medical science Engaged in the Study, Diagnosis of Various Anomalies of the Rectum and Organs Adjacent to it and their Treatment. A doctor who is a Problem – A Professional Docator.

Currently, Colonoscopy Is the Most Informative Method of Early Diagnosis of Tumor Neoplasms in the Colon, Special Ulcerative InflamM. And Provides an Opportunity in More than 80% of Cases to Explore The Colon Completely.

This manipulation allows The Procetologist to Perform the Following Actions:

Size Assessment, Motor Intensity, Intestinal Patence, Mucous Membrane, Color, Study of the Vessels of the Submucosal and Inflammatife of the Walls.

Elimination of the Root Cause of Bleeding.

Detection on the mucosa of the most minimum in size formation (Ulaceers, Erosions, Polyps, Tumors, Cracks, Hemorrhoids) and Consoeign Particle in the Intestine SP Ace.

Extracting Foreign Particles.

A signs of a Small Piece of Fabric from a Suspicious Place for a Biopsy.

IF Benign Tumors or Polyps Are Detected, Its Possible to Remove Them, Excluding Surgical International.

CondUCTING A Picture of the Inside of the Surface of the Large Intestine.

Indications for Colonoscopy


Blood Discharge in the Chair;

Frequent Diarrhea;

UlCerative Inflamation (Colitis);

Iron Deficiency in the Body;

Constant Abdominal Pain;

Pathological Changes Detected During the Study of the Colon X -Ray;

The Dark Color of the Discharge;

Noticeable and Fast Loss of Body Weight;

Polypoids in the Colon.

Offten, A Radiological Examination of the Colon Is Performed Before The Colonoscopy Procedure – Irrigoscopy. Irriguscopy is a Method of Studying the Infantry of the Large USING CONTRAST MATERIAL (SULFUR BARIUM), Which IS Introud Through The RETUM.

Compared to Others, This Research Method Gives More Information. NAMELY:

Studies The Entire Colon, and the Stomnamoscopy Allows You to Examine Only Its Lower Departments;

does not Harm the Patient;

The Possibility of Performing Some Therapeutic Manipulations.