How to Calculate the Day of Ovulation for the Latest Girl

Many Married Coupeles Sooner Or Later Approach The Issue of Birth Planning a Child. In this Matter, the Opinions of Future Parents Are Divated. SOMEONE WANTS A BOY To BEN AS A SUCCESSOR. Someone Categoricallly Insists on a Girl. BUT How to Plan The Female Gender?

In Fact, the IS Nothing Abstruse or Not Feasible. It’s just Worth Listening to the Advice that Perform Them Sequentially and For Conscience. There are several ways to conceive a girl from Which You Can Choose The Most Sitable for Yourself.

By ovulation. IF YOU ARE MINTAINING A CALENDAR of MENSTRUATION, THE YOU CAN EASILY DEATERMINE THE TERM OF OVULATION. Sexual Intercourse, To Conceive a Daughter, Shoup Take Place in 3 Days. This Number of Days IS Designed from the fact that in spermal chromosome x lves Longer than the chromosome y. There Shoup Not Be 2 Days Before Ovulation of Intimacy, SincE The Chance of Conception of the Boy Grows Up.

According to Statistics, From Some Sources, Presidered Successful on A Special Diet. IF You Limit Yourself, A Week Before Conception, From Some Products, The Chances of Conception of the Daughter Increase Five Times. HERE is A List of Prohibited Food: Ice Cream, Cheese, Mushrooms, Canned Food, Tomatoes, Carbonated Drins, Bananas, Orangeges, Melon, Cherries. You Need to Give Preference: Milk, Cottage Cheze, Rice, Semolina, Veal, Cucumbers, Legumes, Apples, Pears, Raspberries, PineApple.

By Folk Signs. Althrow at Present, “Grandmother’s Recipes” are Quite Distrustful, But One Cannot Hide the Fact That it worked. Otherwise, It Woup Not Have Come to this Day. Can be Planned for a certain “Count”. Girl Is Born by Even Months of the Year. As an Option, by the Age of the Mother, We Add the Number of the Month. We Calculate the Result and Determine. If the Number Is Even in the Previous Case, There Will Probably Be a Girl. OUR Grandmothers, Great -grandmothers and Great -great -grandmothrs Also Said that Best Days for Concation Girls Are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Before Conception, In Five Days You Shound Drink a Plum Or Apple Lightned Juice Before Bedtime in 20 Minutes.