Linoleum Coat on a Wooden Floor

In Old and Housses and Dachas, The Problem of Laying Linoleum on a Wooden Floor Offten Arise. The fact is that over time, The Boars Become Unusable, The Floors Begin To Creak, Cracks Form.

To put linoleum, you Need to AchievE Perfectly Even Floors. This is necessary Because This Material Tights The Surface and Shows All its Defects. IF Initially EVERYTHINGS HIDDEN, TEN ORE TIME All the FLAWS OF THE FLOOOR WILL BE CLEARYLALY ON THE LINOLEUM ITSELF.

Start by Removing Spoiled and Rotten Boards, If They Are. IF there Unstressed Lags, It is Necessary to Fix Them Well. You Also Need to Fix The Twisted Boards. To this, we Identify Poorly Fixed Boards and Screw Them to the Lags Using Self -Tapping Screws. It is Better to Remove Poorly Holding Nails.

Next, You Shoup Start the Plywood Flooring. It is better to uce the Material 10 Mm Thick To Fix The Floors Well and At the Same Time Remove Cracks and Defects. If Necessary, Lay Two Layers of Plywood. Before Putting Linoleum on the Aligned Surface, You NEED To PUT THE Screws. So that hot hats do not appear on linoleum, They Need to behe in the Body of the Plywood Sheet. At the Same Time, the IS a Risk that Hat Will Drown Very Quickly and the Pit Forms. So that this pit does not stay on linoleum, it needs to be puttled with putty on wood. AFTER that, You can start the Floors of Linoleum, Without Doubt that You Like the Final Result.