What Vitamins Shoup a Pregnant Woman Drink

The Birth of a Child Is the Most Long -AwAted Moment in the Life of Young Parents, Who Radically Changs LifeSTYLE. For a NewBorn to be Healthy, it is Necessary to Plan a Pregnancy in Advance. To this, you NEED To FOLLOW ALL The DOCTOR’s Instructions.

Pregnancy Planning is Best Started with:

PSYCHOLOGICAL Training. The Psychological Readines of You and Your Loved Ones to the Appension of the Baby Is a Huge Role.

Changes in Lifestyle:

Abandon Smoking;

Do not drink alcohol;

Daily Small Physical Exertion, Swimming is Very Useful;

For a long Time to be in the Fresh Air;

Add More Dairy Products to Your Diet, As Well as Special Vitamins.

During this Period, Its Very Important for the Expectant Mother to Accept Special Vitamins:

FOLIC ACID IS OF THE IMPORTANT DRIGS that Will Help To Avoid Pathologies in the Formation of Organs That Have Frozen Preignancy. Its Deficiency Can Lead to Various Anomalies.

Vitamin C – Reduces Inflammatory Foci in the Body, Strengthens Immunity;

Vitamin E – Restores The Menstrual Cycle, Contributees to the Formation of Seperm, Gives Strength.

For the Prevention of Thyroid Diseases, Iodomarin Is Recommoded.

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Visiting doctors and Testing Analyzes

FIRST of All, The Expectant Mother Shoup BE Under the Supervision of a Doctor Will Examine the Reproductive Organs and Take the. Make Colposcopy, This Procedure is Painless and Will Identify Uterine Pathologies. AFTER that gynecologist Will Presscribe a Number of Tests: Hiv and RW, Hepatis B and C, To Immunity to Toxoplasmossis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes, Pcr, AS So i I i I i I i I i I. NSTANT BLOOD TO IDentify the Group and the Rhesus of the Factor to avoid the conflicts of the rhesus – Factor.

After the gynecologist, it is Necessary to Visit therapist Whill Direct the urine and Blood to a General Analysis of the Urine and Blood, Whiteher thes Ations, if they arise, Direct to the Relevant Specialists.

To visit the dentist to eliminate the foci of infection, and also give advice on How to Eat and Cavity During Preignancy Without Harming the Teeth.

Consult an Endocrinologist, Sincy During Pregnancy a Large Load Falls on the Endocrine System.

Observing, All these Recommentations, Storing Erything Necessary on Kroxa96. From Yekaterinburg, The Couple Has the Chances of Starting and Giving Birth to a Healthy Baby.