IS It Worth Buying a Mink Fur Coat or Refrain

The Harssh Winter and the Most Severe Frosts Are not Around the Corner. And this is a good reason to Think ABOUT BUYING A STYLISH, Fashionable and Warm Fur Coat. SINCE ITS PURCHASE FAR FROM A BUDGET EVENT, IS VERY Important to KNOW to Choose The Right One, SO that Acquisition is Profitable and Correct.

Today, Buying a Mink Fur Coat in Odessa and Other Cits Not Difficult. It is much more difficult to correctly Determine the Quality of the Fur. It is easy to this if you know the criteria and the principle of choice.

The Main Way is to Properly Strooking The Fur Coat. SPEND AGAINST THE WOLOOL AND PAY ATTENIONS To How Quickly The Fur Will Return to the Original State. In High -quality Fur, The Villi Willi Immediateli Return to the Familiar and Natural Position. In Poor -quality Fur, They Will Remain Sticking and Can Return To Their Original Position Only After You Stroke The Fur Coat on the Wool.

IS IMPortant to CondUCT A Visual Inspection. A Feature of Mink Fur Isence of a Small Gun Between Tungh Villi. Find this Fluoff, You Can Take a Closer Look at the Base of the Villi Right in the Skin.

Do Not Forget to Check Your Favorite Coat for Strength. To this, shake the product and the slightly Pull the Bunch of Villi. IF AFTER SUCH ManIPULATIONS YOU See the Crowning of Fur, The Model Has Not Passed the Strength Test. The Same Applies to the Moment if the Hairs are in Your Hands.

Do Not Forget to Identify the Authenticity of Four. Remamber That The Length of All Hairs on a Mink Fur Should Be Exclusively One Length. IF You Notice the Changes in Length, The You are Most Likely A Fake, and not the Original Mink Coat.

And, of Course, Carefully Examine All the Seams. PAY Attend to the Fact that Self -Respenting Manaufacturers Will Leave a Small, Not Stitched Piece, ToHich it IS Easy to Turn OFT PRODUC Ulyity and Material and Seams.