Monolithic Polystyrene Foam Screen

CEMENT-SAND SCREEDS ARE Quite Heavy and Create A Fairly Large Load on the Ceiling. An alternation Substition May Be a Screed Based on Monolith Polystyrene Concrete Foam.

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For Manuapacture, Cement, Polystyrene Balls and Foaming Agent Arew. The Finished Solutions Significantly Leaving and Warm, In Addition, Its Not Subject to Shrinkage and the Formation of Cracks.

Foamopolisterol can be in a of the Construction Store. IF YOU Do not Add a Foaming Agent to the Mixture, The Screen Is Less Warm and Much Harder.

To prepare the mixture, it is Necessary to uce a Concrete Mixer. At first, Polystyrene is filled into it and a smallle Amount of Water Is Poured. That mixed for 10-15 minute. NEXT, IS Necessary to Fill The Cement and the Water Is All Thoroughly Mixed. The Air -Conquering Additive Dissolves in a Small Amount of Water, and Only After that is introdued into the concrete mixer. AFTER that, it is Necessary to Mix The Mixture At Low Speed ​​for 1-2 Minutes. The Prepared Mixture Is Ready for Styling on the Base.

Previously, The Base Must Be Cleaned of Garbage and Dust. IS Very Important to Large the Foundation, this Will Improve the Clutch of the Surface with the Solution.