Plastic Windowsill in the Kitchen

Before Installing the Windowsill in the Kitchen, Its Necessary to Measure Its. Such Measurements Shoup Be Accurate, Since The Gap Between The Wall and the Windowsill May Occur. In Order to Accuratly Measure the Size of the Window Sill, You Need to Use the Carpenter Carpenter. The Best Option for the Window Sill For the Kitchen Will Be a Plastic Laminated Window Sill, Which is Moisture Resistant, and This is the Most Important Thing The Kitchen.

AFTER MEASURING THE SIZE of the Window Sill, It is Necessary to Put on a Hard Surface and Spray Along the Line of the Intended Size. Then try it on the place for the windowsill, Check Its Horizontal. In this case, you neeed to use the water level. If the Horizontly IS NOT Preserved, The YOU CAN USE Height Regulators that placed unders.

AFTER YOU MEASURED THE HORIZONTAL of the Windowsill, It is Necessary to Apply the Mounting Foam On Its Surface. Foam Shoup Be Applied with Zigzag Lines and Thick Layer. The Window Sill Must Be Quickly Squeezed Into the Place it is installed so that foam attaches its bassis. LEVEL THE WINDESILL AGAIN USING A WATER LEVEL.

After the Foam Has Dried a Little, The NEED To Insert A Fixation Spacer. They Are Inserted Along the Edges of the Window Sill and Between The Frame and the Windowsill. Insert The Gaskets Under the Bottom of the Expanses. In the end of the windowsill, inspect the plugs.

When The Foam is Completely Dry, It is Necessary to Remove the Spacer, and the Joints with Acrylic Glue Or Silicone.