How to Prepare in Advance for the Appension of a Baby

Prepare for the Appension of a Baby in Advance in Order to Prevent the Birth of A Sick Child. That is who preggy Planning is so recommoded by all gynecologists, BecAuse it Offen Happens that Children are Born Weak, are Poorly Developing, Have Diseases Transmitted Form Heir Mother or Father, Who Did Not Go Through A Complete Examination Before Conception. All this can be prevented If you do your Health in Time Before Deciding on Pregnancy.

FIRST of All, DOCTORS RECOMMEND THAT WOMENK VITAMINS WHEN PLANNING PRENANCY, Which at the Moment Will Affect the State of the Expectant Mother E Birth to a Healthy Baby. Do Not Independently Presscribe a Course of Treatment, Without Donating Blood and Other Tests, Succumbing to the Persuasion of Friends Or ADVERTISING ON. EVERYTHING IS Sticktly Individual and Only after Laboratory Research CanD Said Exactly What Kind of Vitamins Each of Women are Needed, and Which One Abandoned So Abandoned So Abandoned So Abandoned So Abandoned So -number N Hypervitaminosis.

Pregnancy Planning Shoup Always Be Carried out with the Potential Father of the Child – There ARE OFTEN PROBLEMS ON HIS PART, WHICH ARE SAFALY TREATED. And, of course, the first study shoup ​​be a start -on on the opportunity to Become a Mother: Is EVERYTHINGHT WITH THE BODY, Reproductive Function. And only the You Shoup Begin to Solve All the Princes Discovered: Change the Diet, Add Vitamins, Exclude Harmful Effects of the Environment, Treat the Infestion Fun D, ​​Including Sexually Receved – They Are Dangerous for the Future Baby.

IF A Woman Takes Any Medicine, The Sheld Consult a Doctor and Its Possible to Refuse The Drug for Some Time. It will not hurt to gain Weight with a Thin One, But to Lose Full, Because Otherwise Its Will Harder For To Bear The Child.