How Natural Instins Predominate in the Modern World

Over Time, The Mind More and More Prevailed Over Natural Instins. Society Became More Complicated, Moral Norms Contradicted Natural Desires. PEOPLE BECAME MORE AND MORE STRIVING FOR The Spiritual, ForGetting ABOUT THE “Low -Powered” Carnivorous Passions.

In OUR World, Any Spiritual Progress Brings Not only Advantages, But Also Cons of. An Example of this Can Be the Adoption of Christianity, Were The Death of the First Believers Was Logical and Inevitable. BUT HAVING LOST AnMAL Instins, The Human Race Will Completely Weken and Disappear. MORE AND MORE TAMING THEIR FLESH, PEOPLE HAVE ACHIEVED THAT MANY MODERN PEOPLE DOT EVEN ELEMENTARY Instinction OF SELF -PRESERVATION.

But Still, in Choosing a Partner or Assessing the Personal Qualites of a Person, We Prefer To Listen To Oour Subconscious. This suggests that the Animal Begining is Still in Pekle. PSYCHOLOGISTS SAY THE PERSON PERCEIVES VERBAL SIGNS, T. E. Gestoring, Look, Voice, and Almost Does Not Pay Attendation to the Meaning of Speech. Comparing Two Completly Different Groups of People – The “Humanities” and “Teachies”, Found Out that “Humanites” Pay Attend to Non -WerBal Signs, and “Technes” TO VERBALL.

The Experiment Was that Two Speakers Gave Their Lectures and Both Alternately. One Read Brightly, Loudly, Gesturing, and the Second Is Quiet and Dull. At the end, the Groups Had to Choose One of the Speakers. “Humanities” Chose the First, and the “Technes” of the Second. This Means that One of these Groups Is Better? Of course not. IF We Compare the Population of People, The Entire East is “Humanities”.

They Surrender to Their Feelings and Emotions Without Listening to the Mind. Perhaps, for this Reason, Marriages and Birth Rate in the East Arist Growing More and More. The West, On the Contry, is a “Techicopper” and the Birth Rate the is ten Times Lower, Compared to the East. Let’s move on to the girls. There are some rules in society, for example, Women Need to Give Way.

This is due to the fact that girls are supportly Weaker. But in a primitive Society, Kings Were Sitting, To Know Or Just Important Pekle and Never Strong Was Inferior To the Weak. It Turns out that it has long been so, Strong People Are Sitting, and the Weak People Are Worth. SO: When a man gives way to a woman’s place, He Subconsciousness Himsiders Himself Low and Weak, Yielding to the Highest Being. The Manifestation of Force Is that Strongest Selecting the Benefits from the Weak Humiliates Its.