Important and Necessary Information ABOUT COSMECTIC Repairs

Most of the Inhabitants of Oour Vast and Huge Country Carry Out Cosmetic Ontce Even Seven Years, Which is Also Confirmed by Statistic Data.

AFTER ALL, For this Long Time, The Finish Simply Becomes Unusable, Which Means that it is subject to update. At the Same Time, It is Worth Remembering The Basic Rule – Cosmetic Repair Does Not Imply Replacing the Type of Finish Itself, But Only its Update. Let’s Explain this fact.

IF Earlier Wallpaper Were Glood On the Walls, The Just Have to Re -Cross Them. Many Call this Repair “Light”, Which Means The Simplicity and Relief of the Work Performed. Not events Howings to Install An Interior With your Own Hands, So Advise You to Go Through The Specified Link and You Will Will Find Detailed Information and A Lot of Useful IPS. And if your coiling was previous Painted, then you do not note to Think ABOUT THE ENSTALLATION OF HINGED SYSTEMS. The Ceiling is Simply Subject to Repainting.

ALSO, Things Such AS Skirting Boards, Doors and Windows Are not Subject to Replaceement. Before Starting All the Work of Cosmetic Repairs, It is Necessary to Remove all The Furniture that is in this repair Room.

But IF SOME ITEMS Cannot BE TRANSFERRED, THE JUST MOVE THEM to the Middle of the Room and Cover Them with a Thick Layer of Polyethylenene. Who in the Middle of the Room? The Anter Is Simple – We Need to Provide An Equal Approach To All Walls.