How Care for Cut Flowers Properly

* Most Colors Are Cut Off in the Morning with A Sharp Knife or Secateur After The Dew Dries.

* Chrysanthemum and Astra Are Better To Break, and not Cut.

Water in A Vase Shoup Be Changed Daily. Its Temperature Shoup Not Excel 12-15 ° C. It is better to use rainwater. EVERY Three Days The Vase Must Be Washed.

* IF You have a stainless steel ranging at home, The You Can Plant Curly Flowers on Them. For Example, Such As Honeysuckle, Curly Roses-Flowers and Others.

* Flowers Last Longer in Cool Water. To give decoativence to Wilted Colors, They Are Lowered Into Warm Water (20-30 °) for 2-3 Hours.

* Cut Flowers of Many Plants Retain Freshness Longer, If the Are Placed in a Weak Solutions Acid, Magnesium Sulfuria, PotassiaManganate.

* The Bouquet of Roses Lasts Longer in an Aquour Solution Containing 0.4 G of Iron Sulfate Or 0.4 G of Nitrogen Silver, 5 G of Calcium Chloride, One Aspirin Tablet Per 1 Liter of Water.

* Cloves, Chrysanthemum and Some Other Flowers are Preserved Longer if 0.5 Tablets of Aspirin in 3 Liters of Water Dissolve.

* Dolphinium, Lily of the Valley, Resed, Depressed in the Bouquet Many Flowers. Cloves, rose does not tolerate.

* To Extend the Flowering of the Plant and Maintain Its Decoating, Faded Shoots, Infloreschences, Flowers Cut, Leaving Only the Ovaries On the Seeds.

* Roses Will Stand Longer IF You Dissolve a Piece of Sugar and a Spoonful of Vinegar in Water.