Construction of Buildings from Sea Containers

In Recent Years, Container -type Buildings have Been Gaining More and More Popularity, They ARE BEING BUILT EVERYWHERE. This refers to the Construction of Wooden Houses from A Log, Industrial and Even Administration Purposes, from Sea Containers. IF, Several Decades AGO, This WOULD CAUSE Laughter, Now the Use of Sea Containers to Organize a Place of Residence a Very Good Way to Save, AS Well as ASCELERATE.

Sea Containers are WelDed Metal Structures. If in More Detail, the Container Consists of A Hard Metal Frame and Shell, Which is Covered with this Frame. By the Way, The Frame is Made of Steel Beams of the Supporting Type and Profiles, and Cladding from the Profiled She.

It is noting that Absolutly all the steel projects of naval containers are Treated with Spacial Anti -Corrosion Paint, SO THESE Containers Are Durable. By the Way, The Floor in Containers Is Performed From Plywood, Thickness of Which IS Usually 30 Mm. When Using Containers in the Construction of Residential, Administrated and Other Buildings, They Arei Insulated with that Layer of Insulation Necessary for High -Qoolity -qoolity instance Ation. It’s just the fact is that is on top to warm a constaner durning construction in ahot African Country, and the Other in the Constitution in OUR North.