Wooden Floor Insulation Technology

What is A Wooden Floor? As a Rule, Wooden Floors are Boards (Coometimes DVP Sheets), Which Are Laid on the Lags. And so that super holds heat in the house, it is shoup ​​definitely be insulated. For Insulation of a Wooden Floor, It is to Use Boars, The Thickness of Which Is More than Twenty Millimeters. In Addition to the Boars, It Will Take Insulation and Vapor Barrier. The Best Option for a Heater for Wooden Floors Will Be the Use of Polystyrene Foam or Foam. There are no special difficulties whet. Initially, The Wall -Mounted Boards are Torn Off. THEN, Auxiliary Boars are Laid Over The Entire Length of the Room, On Which The Insulation Is Attached. In the Case of Use of Foam as Insulation, Joints Are Disconnected with Mounting Foam. As a Heater, You can Also Use Mineral Wool For Which Joints Are not Required. A vapor barrier is laid on top of the insulation, Which is Fixed on the Lags Using Wooden Bars. Bars Diameter Areen Approximatly 20×30 Millimeters. To IMPROVE VAPOR BARRIER, All JOINTS Are Gloud (For Thing it is to Use Metallized Tape). After Laying the Main Floor.

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