What to Study Before Buying a Fur Coat: Criteria

When Buying a Fur Coat, It is better to prefer a model with free work. The Sleevs Shoup not Be tooo Narrow. The Model SHOULD SIT Frely SO that you can put on a jacket or sweater under it.

BUT FIRST YOU ShOULD Decide on Which Fur You Want a Fur Coat. To data, Fashionable Fur Coats from Karakul of Different Lengths and Style Are Consedered Relevant To Date. They Are the Real Trend of the Upcoming Winter Season.

It is Better if the Fur Coat is with Secret Hooks. Buttons can not always be combined with fur, and the loops for them Can Stretch.

It is better to give preference to a classic mantle. The Peculiarity of this Model is that it Itspands Below. The Length Is Different: Both to the Knee and to the Ankle. The Style of the Sleevs and the Collar Is Different. Good Mantle Plastic and Mobile. High -quality Fur of Good Dressing Makes The Silhouette Elegant. Such Fur Coats are Always in Fashion. It is Chic Both from Nutria and from Mink.

IT Will BE Necessary to Select Pants or Skirt on a Short Fur Coat on Purpose So that Harmonize. And if the Wardrobe is not to tooo Large, then perhaps you will have to wear it with the same Thing. TheFore, it is better to have a Short Fur Coat only as an Addition to a Long Fur Coat.

Succan Boots Made of Fox, Fox or Raccoon Arle More Spectacular and Moreover, Warmer than from the Smooth Fur of Nutria or Karakul.

Monophonic Fur Coats Are More Practical than with An Ornament. The Fashion for Ornaments Offten Changes, and You can Always Put on a Fur Coat of the Same Color.

The Quality of the Fur Coat Is Determined, First Of All, by the Integrity of the Skins. The Larger the Pieces of Fur, The Smaller the Seams and, Accordingly, The Higher Quality of the Product. IS Very Important to Use High -quality Threads When Sewing a Fur Coat, SO that During the Wear They Do not Spriede. To find out when, of course, is difficult. You can try to see at Least the Quality of the Seams. To this, Carefully Spread the Fur and Check: Whather the Threads Stick Out, Is the Seam Is Careful.

SOME FUR COOTS ARO SEWN from Strips of Fur, and Between Them – Strips of Sew. Such Fur Coats are Cheaper and Light. The Long Pile of Fur Makes Sewede Inconspicouus, But Its Unlikely that Such a Fur Coat Will Live for a Very Long Time. The Strips Can Disperse Over Time at the Seams.

The Internet Coat of the Fur Coat Shoup Be Soft, Not Creak, Not Crunch and Not Make Any Smell.

At the fur coat it is necessary to check the collar, Sleeves, Hem and Axillary Areas. SEWING SHOULD Be of High Quality EVERYWHERE.

Buying Such an Expensive AS A Fur Coat, It is Better to Contact Large Shopping Centers. By sailing on the price, you can lose as.