How to Correctly Care for the Nails of the Legs of the House: Features

It is known that pedicure is the most Important Procedure that EVERY FEMALE PERSON SHOULD Do. AFTER ALL, Well -GROMED LeGS, Nails Not only look Great, They Also the Key to Health, Confidence, Excellent Mood. Many Do Not Have Enurey Money to Constantly Use The Services of Professional Pedicure Masters. But it is quite possible to Take Care of Your Legs and Independently.

Water Procedures

In General, Pedicure Can Be Done Once or Twice a Month. Before Performing the Pedicure, You Shoup Carefully Prepare the Legs Themselves. To do this, Fill the Suitable Basin or Other Tank with Warm Water, Add Soap to it (Ordine or Liquid. You can also use Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Various Herbs. In General, The Legs Shoup Be Very Strongly Steam.

As Soon As the Feeling that Skin Has Plucked Well, You Need to Start Its Direct Processing. The Heels and Soles Must Be Rubbed with Pieces of Pumice (Fine -GRained) Or A Special Brush for the Legs. In this case, The Friction Must Be Made in Circular Movements. Offen They Also Use Unique Cleansing Peeling of the Legs. They Help To Significantly Remove all The Keratinized, Dead Particles. After Grinding the Feet, They Need to Be Carefully Rinsed with Water. When it Passes ABOUT HALF An Hour, You Can Begin To Performo The Pedicure Itself.

Cutting for the Cuticle

As for the Cuticle Near the Bases of the Nails, They Must Be Able to Carefully Push Them Out with A Special Spatula. This Willow The Nails to “Breathe” Frely. THEN YOU SHOULD CUT The Nails and Give Them A Very Beautiful Shape, USing Forceps, Scissors. The Nail on the Thumb Needs to Be Cut Exclusively in a Straight Line. This Will Help To Avoid His Painful Growing In Your Finger.

Offten On the Legs (On the Fingers and Sides of the Feet) Unpleasant Corns May Appear. The Reasons for Their Formation Can BEY CLOSE, UNCOMFORTABLE Shoes, Hard Insoles. Such Corns Can Be Founpe Independently Using Special Oil Compresses. You can also rub The Castor Oil Carefully at Night. It is it car Perfectly Soften The Skin of the Legs, Heal Small Cracks. In General, Leg Care is not Very Complicated. But all this is real only with the regularity of all the Actions Performed.