Translucent Structures

IS Customary to Name All Types of Roofs Made of Transpart Materials: Light -TRANSMITting Lights, Winter Assemblies Based on the System Profile, and Similarly To Self -Sulfpor Ting Systems. It is at the Moment that Enthusiasm for them Has Grown Much, WHICH WAS FIRST DICTATED BY ALL CORNERS OF ALL CORNERS OF THE STRUCTURE IN THE STROMI o Basement, Also New Areas in the Field of Design and Architecture.

The Main Task of Translucent Systems is to Provide Natural Lighting. Thhees Roofing Materials Make It Possible to Solve, At First Glance, Thusmparable Tasks Are to Protect the Building from the Rain, Althule Sun SunLight.

Based on the Goals Set, Construction Materials of Different Thickness and Price Are Used in Construction.

Light -Transmitts Assemblies Based on the System Profile Are the Intricacies of Profiles and Glass, Which, AS A Designer, Give Heterogeneous Forms. From System Profiles You cane Each Type of Roof: Pitched, Gable, Dome, Tent and T. P. Traditionally, manaufacturers have Ready -made Those. Solutions for Better Known Roof Types. For Installation, Because Laborious Objects Are Developed Special Systems. The Most Common Component of Such Systems are the Profiles: Their Strength and Properties Are Completly Dependant on the Integrity and Life of the Roof.

The Choice of Material Is Guideed by the Claims to the Roof and Its Price, and the Design Is Depending on the Own Taste of Any Client.