Walls from Gypsum Blocks – A Little ABOUT STYLING

When Laying Such Walls, They Usually Try to Create A System of Block Channels. AFTER 2-3 Layers of Gypsum Blocks are Alread Laid, and the Outer Seams Aream Filled with Putty Gypsum, The Channels Are Filled with Foamed Gypsum. AFTER CALCULATing the SUpporting Capabilites of the Wall Consisting of Gypsum Blocks, COME WALLS ARENGTENENED BY CAN Made of Concrete, Wood Or STEEL, AS WELL AS S, for Special Strength, Reinforced Concrete Can Be Used. Such Columns Shoup BE Insaled and Thermal Insulation Be Created in Order to Avoid thermoStat and CondenSate. We’ll Interrupt for a While and Mentally Transfer to the Moment When You have Already Built Your House and ARENGAGED in Its Arrangement. Gypsum Blocks have good Refraactory and Thermal Insulation. They Cano Accumulate Moisture and Heat. It is Very Important to Take Into Account When Building the Fact that Gypsum Blocks Freeze Quickly, So You Shoup Build From Them Very Quickly. But, Despite all the Advantages of this Material, He Also Has Disadantages: The Strength of Gypsum Structures is not Enure for Building a Multi -Sustorey Building. It is Worth Considering this and Not Dreaming of A Four -story Cottage Made of Cheap Material. Maximum for Gypsum Blocks – 3 Floors. GIPS ALSO Absorbs Moisture Perfectly, Due To Which The Strength of the Structure Is Significantly Reduced. In General, Gypsum Blocks have a Very High Dependens on Climatic Conditions, and This Shoupen Into Account During Construction. Such Walls Quickly Get Wet, But, At the Same Time, Quickly Dry Out.