Thermal Insulation increases.


By the Type of Starting Raw Materials:

Organic – this is themal insulation from plastic (Foam) and Cellulose Fibers.

Inorganic – Its Foam Glass, Mineral Wool.

Mixed Are Both Organic and Inorganic Group, Depending on the Composition.

In Fire: Combustible, Difficult and Non -combustible.

By comment:

Cellular is Foamed and Foaming

Grain Materials are used to Fill the voids.

Fibrous, Such as Fiberglass.

The Determining Indicator Ismal Conductivity, Otherwise Its the Ability of Materials to Pass Heat. The Porosity of the Material Has an Important Role in Thermal Conduction. ALSO, The Chemical Composition and Level of Crystallization Affects The Amount of Heat Production. It is not advisable to Allow WaterprooprooproProfing Overwhelming, SincE Thermal Conduction of Water Isater THTER THE CONDUCTIVITIVITIS OF AIR. By the Way, The Sale of Antiques Is Very Popular Now, In OUR Time It Has Begun to Develop.

With the Help of Wall Thermal Insulation Materials, the Thickness of the Walls, the Mass of the Structure, The Consumption of Building Materials and the Cost of Construction Are Reduc. , and the working of concights in the Production and the Comfort of the Living Quarters are Improve.