DIY Construction and Repair

The Installation of the Arches Described Below took Place on the Construction of a Salt Warehouse in Bartsik. The Weight of One Element Corresponding To Half the Arch Was 40 Tons. The Rise of a Half -broth of this Type Is Made with A Capture at One Point. The Lower Edge of the Arch Along with the Cart for the Approach of the Ends on Which it is laid, Approaches While Lifting to the Foundation. The Rise of Each Semi -Air Is Performed by A Separate Double -footed Crane. The Appe herance of the Maximum Moment Occurs in the Initial Stage. With An Arch Weight of 40 Tons, Its Maximum Lifting Weight is 26.2 tons. For your store, you may nee a pvl sheet of a wide Selection of Which is a sheet of leaf inexpensave. Simultaneousuply with a Vertical Rise, it is also necessary to tighten the limy edge of the arch with a winch, since due to the fiction that arise in the roller television, this shepent o F The Semi -Air May Occur, Which in Turn Causes, The Deviation of the Lifting Rope from the Vertical. Horizontally Applied Traction Force Serves Solely in Order to overcome The Resistance of Friction. Its Indication Value IS 10% of the vertical Reaction, in this case the limits from 1.6 to 1.4 tons. The Lower Point of the Capture Is Located Under the Straight Line Connecting the Center of Gravity to the Lower Support of the Half -Iar. In order to eliminate the instability of the arch during lifting, the capture point Isized using a stiff Structure mounte on the height at doorh this expre ability; DISAPPEARS.