Redevelopment of Non -Residental Premuses

For Redevelopment, Its Necessary to Make Approval and Approval of the Technical Passport of the Premisses.

IF You Decide to do business, The You Will Probably Need a Room. Let it be a Store or office, you, to attract customers and your conveyence and Comfort, Will Ned to Make Repair. Offten, Such Repairs are not dispensed with with Without Redevelopment, Which Means that Changes Will Be Made to the Construction of the Building and Engineering Communications.

For this, it is Necessary, Without Fail, to Make Approvals and Approval of the Technical Passport of the Premises. IF Redevelopment is Carrried Outhout Weakening the Foundation and Load -Bearing Walls, The Technical Passport You Can Do Th. Now, if the area of ​​the Other Changes, The You Shoup Permission in Advance in the Locite Architectural Department and Coordinate with the Priest. In sOME CASS, with the SES SERVICE. The Ministry of Internal Affairs Shoup Also Contact that Have Checked That You do not Violate Requirements of the Object. It is Necessary to Study All Snips to Which You Refer to the Redelopment Work. Howing You Manage to Pay Attend to the Fact this is a Matter of Time and is not a fact that you be ate coordinate “Smooth” The FIRSC have to red the Project and Start EVERYTHING in A New Way. For these Purposes, in Any Big City the Are SPECIAL Organizations Correctly and Whathout Delay Compile All the Necessary Documents. Trust Professionals.