In Past Centuries, It Was Fashionable to Paint the Walls, and This Fashion Entered Oour Century.

In Fact, Painting Walls with Your Own Hands is not as Difficult as it Seems. You can buy ready -made stencils, or make it Yourself. For this, Dense Cardboard Is Suitable, Drawing A Drawing on that Wuld Like to See on Your Wall. After that We Cut Out The Drawing and Now Oour SteenCil Is Ready. We Attach The Finished Stencil with Tape to the Wall, and Apply the Paint, This Can BE Done with Foam. IF your DRAWING of DIFFERENT TONES, THEN WILL NEED to MAKE SEVERAL STENCILS, Do Not ForGet the Colors Shoup Not Differ Much from the Basic Color of the Walls. Furniture Plays Not the Last Role in the Interior, The Furniture Shoup Beautiful, and the Furniture Material Should Be from High -quality and Natural.

For a Concrete or Plastered Wall, It is Necessary to Use Latex Paint, They Arexpensive and Quickly Dry. And Such Paints Can Be Applied to the Wet Wall. IF YOR Wall is Alread Painted in Latex Paint, The This Will Give An Even Greater Effect for the Picture. Remember, For Such Walls You Can Not Use Oil Paint.

Surprise Your Child, Draw for Him His Favorite Fairy Tale. OR JUST Revive Your Room.

We Conclude: The Painting with Your Own Hands is not at All Difficult, and it Requires Small Costs. Now Your Wall is Not Empty, The Interior Has Revved, Has Become Brighter, and the Guests Are Delighted.