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It shoup ​​be borne in music that this type of epaulettes, Which is commonly Called Europeanizer, Can Have Defects and Vitses. Because of this, The Lining is Sorted, Depending on the Indicators, Its Quality. The Variety of the Product Depends on the Number of Knots Per Linear Meter (Ordinary Meter), and IS ALSO DETERMINED by the Nature of the Knots (Dead, Falling, Living), The Pressence OF COL Hips and Cracks in the Places of Joint Joints.

The first grade (A0) HAS No FLAWS. Such Products Delight The Eye with Natural Purity, But Have A Consideble Price. After there is a variety “a”. Such A Lining Has a Minimum Number of Knots that has no more than a head from a match. There is also a variety “b”. He Has a Larger Knots, and the May Also Be Small Chips, But the Cost of this Option is an Order of Magnitude Lower. The Most Budget Option is the Third (C) Variety. This Kind of Products May Include Different Chips, Defects, ETC. P. The “C” Variety Has a Fairly Large Number of Knots. The Last Litter Is Non -Approval. Such A Lining Goes to Cabins, SHEDS, AS Well as Buildings for Which The Appe, IS NOT SO IMPORTANT.

Before Buying the Lining, Select.

So that Any Wooden Product Serves for Many Years, Its Necessary to Protect From The Influence of Negative Factors. High -quality Means of Protecting From Decay Produed by Belinka, For a Long Time, Will Retain The Pristine Type of Wooden Products.