A variety of metHods for raising children in the house

Whatver Style to Parents to Like, Its Necessary to Always Remember, Its Necessary to Educate The Child So Life is as Best as Possible.

In Psychology, there Three Main Methods of Education in the Family: Democratic, Authoritarian, Liberal. Authoritarian Style, Includes Unquewesting Submission to the Child to Parents Or Older People. The Child is Constantly Imposed on Adults on Life, For Each of His Acts, He Must Report To Adults. No decisions to make yourself with the Knowledge of Parents Are not Allowed. Be a Submissive and Obedient Main Requirement for a Child. A Person Who is Brous Up in Such a Family Will Be Closed, Indecisive, As He is Used to Being Under Control, All Problems and Their Solution Will Transmit to Other Pekle, IT DD D DD D DD D DD DD D DD D DD D DD D DD D DD DD DD DD DD DD DD DEPLE oesn`t work out, he will do it, he Will Be Depressed, To Go into Deep Experiences. A Child Can Develop Such Character Qualites As Secrecy, Hatred of People, Mercantiles, Not the Ability to Realize Himself in Any Activity. Under the Pressure of Adults, They Can Be at School Excellent Students, They Will Be Performing In Their work, But at the Same Time The Able to OcCupy Senir Positi ONS, They Will Only Be Subordinate.

Liberal Style is Described as a More Familiar Style of Modern Parents. Surround the Child with Affaction and Care, Gere Is the Main Goal. The Child Is Not Denied by Ansthing, He Receives EVERYTHING HE WANTS, HeS Not Punished, Even For The Most Serious Tricks, He is Universal Lovers and Attendation IS ONLY FOCUSED HIS m. This Attitude Contributes to the Development of Such Charaacter Qualites as not a Desire, To Accept Any Responsibility, Permissivens in Life, USALLLY TATO POURS Into SEROUS SEQUENCES, BOTH FOR Person and HIS FAMILY, IT Canve BE ANY KIND of CRIME, SELFISHNESS, Indifference to Indifference Close. HAVING MATURED, SUCH PEOPLE CAN FIND THEMSELves in Different Professions, BUT AS BOSSES They Will Respect for Both Working Staff and Business Partners.

Democratic Style, The Most Sitable for Raising a Child. The Main Thing is That in the Foundation of this Style Is Trust. Parents Control The Actions of the Child, IF Someting Contradictory Is Notaked, Discuss and Help The Right Decision, While Not Providing Pressure on Him Him Him. In Families Where Democratic Style is Used, Parents Enjoy Authority. The Child is Allowed to Independently Make Decisions, Which in the Future Willow Him to Become a Leader. PEOPLE BROUGHT UP in This Style Acquire The Character of Hardworking, Honest, Sociable, Self -confident Personalites Whill Always Come to the Rescue.