Selection of Paint for Facade Work

The Type of Facade Paint is Selected Depending on the Properties of the Surface to be Painted. Most of the Mineral Surfaces: Concrete, Plastered – Havy an Alkaline Environment, Theerform Materials To Alkalis Are Used to Color Them. Offten An Alkaline Environment is Also Observed in the Surface of the BrickWork, Which IS Explained by the Presence of a Cement Mortar. On Surfaces with An Alkaline Reaction, Oil and Acrylic Paints Shoup Not Be Used, Unstable to the Action of Alkali. Such A Coating Will Quickly Lose Color and Crack.

IS Most Advisable to Use Either Acrylic Or Silicone Paints on Surface with An Alkaline Medium. If the Surface is plated Mored A Month Ago, You Can Paint with Acrylic Paint Applying a Primer Layer. It is advisable to Apply Silicone Paints on Freshly Unorn -out Surfaces, Which When The Plaster Dries Will Not Exfolite from It, As the High Vapor Permeability. Oil Paint – One of the Most Common Materials. As a binder component, They Havy a Linseed or Hemp Oil Olph. Currently, Combined Olifs with the Addition of Organic Solvents Are Offen Used To Reduce the Cost of the Product. A Slowly Drying Film Forms a Denser Film on a Painted Surface than Rapidly Spear.