Laying Ceramic Tiles in the Bathroom

What You Need to Know When Laying Tiles? We Will Try to Consider the Main Stages in this Work. Suppose The Tile Has Alread Been Bouught and Is Waiting in the Wings. FIRST, PREPARE THE SURFACE FOR STYLING. Remove Dust, Plaster, In Other Words, All Superfluous. If the plaster is HELD TIGHT, It ShOLD Not Be Removed.

Note that do not note a Perfectly Flat Surface, Because The Tile is Laid on the Tile Glue. IS Necessary to Primer The Surface, Before Applying a Layer of Glue. Otherwise, All the Tiles Will Soon Be Crumpled in the Near Future. The Floor SHOULD Be POUREDH A Layer of Leveling Screen. SOME Tips for Laying Directly.

You Shoup Start with The Floor, Applying Tile Glue with A Gear Spatula to the Surface Evenly. Check the Laying of Each Tile with the “LEVEL” DEVICE. IF YOU DONIT HAVE IT, THEN FIND IT, WITHOUT IT, Do Not EVEN GETO WORK. Plastic Corners are used to adjust the weld width. It is Advisable to Remove Excess Glue From The Seam Immediately, Secace After Completing Out This Will Be Done Problematic. In the Future, the Seam Cance with Special Solutions (“Fugu”). There are Different Colors on Sale, Even with Sparkles You Can Find.

These Solutions Contain Substances that prevent the development of mold and Fungus. By color, it is to choose the same color as the tile itself, but a more dull shade. IF YOUD A SIMPLE POUNDER, And Not A FUUR ROOMS with HIGH HUMIDITY, THE YOUNED to SMEAR All Seams Between The Tiles with Special Tupes of Soxclude THE POSCOSIBILIT Y of Developing All Kinds of Fungi Or Mold.