Who are the Walls and Ceiling “Blue”. 2 Ways to avoid this.

Blue and Mold on the Walls and Ceillings are Mushrooms, It is Clear to EVERYONE. But not EVERYONE Understands who They Grow there and How to Avoid this. TheFore, Let’s Understand.

Who are blue and mold

Sineva and Mold are Mushrooms that Grow and Multiply in the Presence of Only 2 Factors: Heat and Moisture. Remember, You Probably Notaked That is Precisly Such Premises and Designs Wherese Conditions are met! That’s Who…

…We Take Measures to Avoid Blue and Mold

We Remove Moisture. To this, We Provide Good Ventilation: Ventilate the Bath, Open The Lots in the Underground, Install an Advental Exhaust Fan in the Bathrom and So on.

We Avoid Condensate (Details Here), for This Warm The Cold Surfaces of the Walls and Windows: Its on Them That Condensate Falls, Which Mushrooms Can Grow AGAIN AGAIN.

Many Will Remember Antiseptics. Yes, They Work, But in Some Specific Time, So Sinewa Will Come Again as Soon as the Antiseptic Ends. I am A Supporter of “Protection from the Fool” and I Advise You to do -Erything at ONCE: In OUR CASE, Prevent MOISTURE!