How to Care for Hair in the Autumn Time of the Year

Summer is Behind. You Gained Strength, Rested. Rejoiceing the Eyes of the Summer Tanning. The only Thing that cant in your Appension is hair. They Most Likely Became Britten and Dull. More and More Offten You Notice On the Comb of the Droped Hairs – More than Usual. Sun Rays, High Temperature, Wind and Dust Have Influence The Condition of Your Hair. Right now, on autumn Days, You Need to do the Restoration and Treatment of Hair.

Correct Washing Is One of the Most Important Procedures for Caring for Your Hair. How Offten To Wash Your Hair? Once a Week? OR EVERY DAY? Decide This You You Yourself, Exactly as You Are Comfortable, How Your Hair Is Felt and Looks Like. Remember that thanks to the Current Gentle Means, They Can Be Washed as Necessary to Support Hygienne and Pairity. Before Washing, Most Importantly, Comb Your Hair Well with a Brush.

For Washing it is best to uce water WARM, Softened by the Additive of Soda (1 T. Spoon of 4 L of Water). Dilute a Little Shampoo with Water, Lifting to Foam, Apply to Wet Hair. After Shampoo, Use Air Conditioners, Balms Or Rinses. Hair Will Acquire Shine, Groming, Static Tension Will Reliev.