Log is A Material Whose Main Task Is the Wall Cladding.

In Most Cases, The Lining Is Made of Natural Wood, But Today You Can Find A Plastic Imitation. Consider The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Panels. To bein with, aeal lining is Made of Natural Materials, Which Means That is Environmentally Friendly and Doges Not Harm Harm Human Health.

In Addition, Wooden Panels Themselves Are Quite Durable, and Their Life Can BE Extended by Proper and Processing by Hydrophobic and Other Substances. The Lining is Very Convenent and Easy to Mount, and Its Price Willow Allow to Create the Necessary Facing Image. We Can Say That The Lining is An Economical, Budget Option for Decoating Premises. Like Any Wooden Material, The Lining Has Excellent SoundProofing and Insulation Properties.

In Addition, it is able to regulate the level of Humidity in a Particular Room, and the variety of her drows and color allow to Harmoniusly Fit Ino Design. The Main Disadintage of the Lining is the Need to Constant Processing by SPECIAL SUBSTANCES. In Case of Trouble -free, Wooden Panels Will Quickly Lose Their Appension, and Also Lose Most Positive Qualites.