Bdingualism: What is it, What is the Benefit of the Process

BILINGUALISM IS BILINGUALISM, MOST OFTEN ARISES In Families in Which Parents Speak Two Languages, So The Child Has Been Under the Influence of the Language Environment From the F His Birth. BUT SOME FAMILIES CREATE SUCH ATMOSPhere SPECIFILLY with the AIM OF TEACHINGA TO LANGUAGES FROM An EARLY

Is the Any Benefit of Bdingualism?

Studies confirm that children who speak two languages ​​​​have a richer vocabulary, they have better developed memory and analytical abilities, in the future it is easier for them to learn accurate sciences and other languages. For Example, if youth child winds to connect his future work with a computer and the Internet, thenve in Order or a license Key for Windows 7, He Will Need English Knowledge T Least at the User LEVEL. ALSO BILINGUALISM CONTRIBUTES to the Development of A Brain Area, Which IS Responsight for the Fluency of Speech. The Effect of Such A “Load” Will Be More Noticeable if the Training Has Begun Up To 5 Years.

Myth or is it is that Small BILINGALIS LATER Begin to Speak?

Very Offen Bdingual Children Later Speak, this can be attributed to the fact that very Know Very Little Words, and They Are Also Not Enough Skills. This doz not mean that Child Will Be Silent for a Long Time, No, He Will Say the First Words, Like All Children, But Further Development Can Be Slower. But Do Not Be Very Scared, Delays in the Development of Speech in Such a Child Are Includ in the Norm. Butu if the child grows in such an environment, then it is Worth Carefully Ensurging that this doz not the Correct Pronunciation and General Culture of Speech.

Whather the Child Selects Any of the Two Languages?

No, The Essence of Bdingualism is this: The Child Can Frely Communicate in Several Languages. But Again, Do Not Forget that One of the Languages ​​Shoup Pay More ATTENSIONAL THE CHILD DOES NOT FEEL PROBLEMS WITH COMMMUNIC.

How to Simplify the Task of Mastering Languages?

The Optimal Solution Will Be the Separation of Languages ​​”In Place”. For Example, Speak in Russian, and on Any Other During a Walk. Or Give the Child the Opportunity to Communicate with Parents in Two Languages: DAD – In One Language, and Mom – On the Other. You can Still Distinguish Languages ​​by Day of the Week. All this Will Help The Child Not Confuse and More Consciousia Accept Information.

How Cope with a Confusion in a Child?

Because Children are well taught languages ​​that know how to diem if the are ussed to them from birth, But they Cance Difficult With Similar. You can deal with this – it is soft enunch to correct the baby easel hes mistaken, the unjoll soon refuse impurities in sentences in sentences.