Negative Aspects of a Calm Family Life

Creating a Family, We Plan to Live Together For A Long Time. BUT Over Time, Relations Change, Even in Pairs, Which, It Woold Seem, Are Created for Each Other. There is a habit, Feelings Gain Balance, But This Convention, So Necessary for Normal Life, Has Negative Sides.

FIRSTLY, WE Begin to perceive all The Good Qualites of a Partner as Norm and Stop Paying Attend to Them. CARE, TENDERNESS, KINDNESS – this is no longer valular as high as in the first months of marriage. A Trembling, RespectFul Attitude Becomes a Background, But the Shortcomings are in the Forefront, Which Were Not Previous Notateded. HENCE THE FEELING ARISES that Partner Is Changing for the Worse, and Dissatifection Is Gradully Growing.

Secondly, Addiction Causes Boredom and Despondency Because Evey Day Goes Through The Same Scenario. The Negative Aspects of Addiction Manifest Itself by the Beginning of the Second Year of Marriage, Progressing Over Time and Gradully Corrop. The IS a Way to Combat Addiction: You Need to look At a Partner as Offten as Possible with New Eyes – In Different Situations, With Diffferent People. So you again notice the Qualites that has long fallen out of your feld of view. But this Method Is Not Easy: Offten the Situations has to be moonself, to come up with different joint classes. Therefore, Most People Choose Were

Easy Path: New Love Relationships that, Against the Backdrop of Evenday Life, Seem Perfect. MOREOVER, IF MEN, HAVING A ConNECTION ON THE SIDE, Are not Inclined to Destroy Their Former Relations – IF, HOWEVER, TheY CONSIDER THEM GENARALY SATISFACTORY, THEN Women FOR ROMANANCE, LOVE Are Ready to Go to EVERYTHING AND OFTEN EVEN Lose Their Rational View Of Life. Those Who Experience Such Experiences Now Shoup Not Rush, Even If items that New Love Is the only Makes Meaning in Life in Life. Wait for a year or two – this is how much the Period of Passionate Love Lasts, Which Overshadows The Mind and Deves Not Allow a Person to Think Soberly. IT Was Not for Not Hat from Antiquity Its Believed That Passion Is Sent to Us A Test Must Be Overcome. And Say Goodbye to Guilt: No One is Safe from Falling in Love.

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