Plastic tiles

Crossbons for Tiles Are a Cross with Four with the Same Width with Blades 1-6 Mm. Plastic Tiles Arews When Laying a Tile To Crush it, As So So that Seam Uniform in Width Is Formed Between The Laid Tile. There is an optinion that Thinner the Seam Layer Is Made During Styling, The More Beautiful and Professional Its Laid, Althows with this Opinion You Can Callenge. The first one has their Own Tastes, Which Means that You can arhee about beauty, The Second – The Quality of the Stacked Tile Depends Onels on the Skill of the Also on the Quality of the Tile Itself.

Now We’ll Deal with the Crosses: if the Are Intended for Floor Cladding, The Crosses ARA 4 MM Thick, It is Better to Choose 3 Mm Crosses for Walls. Wide Seams, of Course, Do Not look Very Beautiful, But with Narrow Seams of Low Quality, The Tile Will Be Difficult to Set Under the Level. Another Important Rule: Never Leave The Crosses Under the Grauting Seam, Even If it IS Indicated on the Package that it can be done. IF YOU LEAVE The CROSSES Under the Grout, In the Places Where They Are Located, Cracks Will Begin to Form After Time.