Construction Materials. Ceramic tile

Ceramic Tiles has been used as Building Material for Thousands of Years. EVEN in Spite of the Emergence of the Latest Modern Materials, Ceramic Tiles Vid Lose Its Relevance, ITS SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVEDS OPTIONS APPEREED. Ceramic Tiles Corresponds to All Requests that Usually Arise When Choosing a Particular Material. The Tile Looks Quite Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy to Clean, Resistant to an Aggressive Environment and is Sufficently Durable. This Material Without Stretch Can Be Called Universal. A variety of cramic tiles Allows You to Finish Both Inside and Outside The Room.

Ceramic Tiles, Like Any Finishing Material, Have a Number of Basic Technical Characteristics. KNOWING SOME NUANCES, YOU Can Almost Accuratly Evaluate the Quality of this Material.

Here Are the Main Criteria. The first iswater absorption. The Greater the Porosity of the Tile, The More Intense it Absorbs Moisture and Thus Reduces Its Strength. The Second One, Which is Also An Important Indicator – is Stable in Relation to an Aggressive Environment. The Surface of the Walls are Trimmed with Ceramic Tiles, As a Rule, In Certain Places. This is a kitchen, a Bathroom, and so on. In a Word, these are places that Require Constant Care. Therefore, The Higher the Stability of the Tile To Chemicals, The Longer It Will Last, Without Its Original State.