How Care for Violets at Home: Features

IF You Deceded That You Are Ready to Create All the Necessary Conditions for Growing Violets, The You Shoup Start Preparation The Acquisition of the G Plant.

Whather you can containe violets?

FIRST of All, You NEED To EVALUATETE ENVIRONMENT To Undertand WHETHER ITS CLIMATE IS FAVORABLE FOR GROWTH, Development and FLOWERING OF Home Violets. PAY Attendation to your you Can Provide a Constant Temperateure of 20-22 Degrees Celsius. It is this temperature that is the most Optimal for Senpolia. Only Subject to the Constant Maintenance of Such a Temperature, You Can Count on the Correct Growth and Systematic -Term Flowering. Excessive Temperature, Especially in the Midst of Summer, Leads to the Fact that Violets Stop Flowering.

Mummy for Violets.

As for Humidity, The Violets Need Special Conditions. The Relative Humidity in the Room with Violets Should Be Maintained as Part of 50-60 Percent. SOME Housewives Put Pots with Violets in the Kitchen, Were Condensate Ised During Cooking, Which Provides The Necessary Humidity.

Mummy for Violets

Patron with Violets

Ceramzite Tray

When Heating Devices and Batteries Begin to Work in Winter, The Air in the Room Becomes OverdRied. At this time, it is Necessary to Artificially Pump Humidity. To this, it is enunch to play pots with violets in Specially Pallets with Filler, Which Can Hold Moisture in Themselves. The Easiest Way to Fill the Pallet with a Layer of Newspapers, Expanded Clay Or Moss. And Most Importantly, it is Necessary to Protect Senpolia in EVEY FROM DRAFTS THAT THEY Do Not Tolerate.

Which Pot to Choose?

As for the Questions of the Pot for Violets, It is Better to Opt For Options from Plastic. No Matter How Beautiful Clay Pots Seem To You, IT Will Be More Comfortable in Plastic Plants. The Height of a Plastic Pot Shoup Bet Ten Centireters. The Optimal Diameter of the Pot for an Adult Plant Shoup Reach Ten to Thirteen Centimeters. In General, The Senpolism Is Enough Tablespoon of the Ground and the Size of the Pot, Which Does Not Exced the Size of the Glass from Under the Yogurt. But The Larger the Pot for Violets, The Larger Its Leaves and Infloaresences Will Be. But it is important and not to overdo it with the size, since in a too Large Pot, The Violet Can Stop Growing, and Will Not Bloom All.

A Pots for Violets

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